Emirati Inspired Design

Nagwa is an original design studio based in Abu Dhabi. Our contemporary designs are inspired by the people, places and stories of the United Arab Emirates.

Nagwa sells its own branded products and also provides bespoke design and manufacturing services to individuals, companies and other institutions.


Visit us at Nagwa Studio, Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi.




We conduct our own research in-house and regularly partner with local cultural and academic institutions such as the Lest We Forget Community Archive.

The stories, history, traditions and practices of the UAE and its people are the primary source of inspiration for our designers.

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Our design team transforms tangible and intangible aspects of the UAE’s history, culture and identity into original designs through the medium of contemporary design.

Nagwa boasts a diverse and dynamic collective of UAE-based designers that infuse each product with their creativity and expertise.

Sand pouring from hand Nagwa

A Maker's studio


We are not just a design studio, we are a maker’s studio.

Our collective of designers is united by the aspiration to make things. A constructive attitude that goes beyond the bounds of design, towards building our own, unique, objects.
In short: we are designers with a maker’s spirit.


design materialized
by the drive of
shaping new